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Project identifier ASCDC-107-06
Conducted by Institute of Taiwan History

To facilitate academic research, the Institute of Taiwan History at Academia Sinica spares no effort in finding and collecting Taiwan’s historical documents in and outside the island. Over the years an abundance of documents has been obtained, including family and folk papers, personal papers and collections, organizational records and rare books. The Institute seeks to stay in the know regarding the latest development of information technology, which is crucial to the preservation of its cultural heritage and amplifying the range and scope of application. In running the Institute’s digital archives and value-added application projects, technological innovation is immediately serviceable. With years of involvement in cross-institutional projects and the National Digital Archives Program, the Institute came to produce digital images, historical data annotations, metadata system, value-added features and, above all, open access is ensured along with the digitizing work. Major sites that allow for the free circulation of historical material and information include: Taiwan Archival Information System (臺灣史檔案資源系統), Taiwan Rare Book Collections (臺灣研究古籍資料庫), Taiwan Diary Knowledge Bank (臺灣日記知識庫) and Taiwan Sotokufu Personnel Directory (臺灣總督府職員錄系統). These sites are shaped in ways that can optimize the service catering to the needs of the users.

The purpose of this project is to make certain that the archives are managed under the best condition by manning and financing the ongoing works, in order to support research in history and the application of research findings. This requires that the Institute’s team to continue identifying new sources through regular survey, and new entries should undergo a SOP consisting of cleaning, cataloging, data entry, digitization and uploading. The academia staff and assistants are collaborating in an understanding that a well-integrated archive will be liable to succeed in generating value-added products and service, in hopes of advancing and spreading the knowledge of Taiwan history with significant contributions.

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