Basic information
Project identifier ASCDC-107-09
Conducted by Research Center for Information Technology Innovation (CITI)

As a continuation of the technology development subproject of National Digital Archives and Digital Humanities Project which yield satisfactory results every year, the Research Center for Information Technology Innovation intends to build on these results and strengthen ties with the Institute of History and Philology, Institute of Modern History and Hu Shih Memorial Hall. The third phase of this projects has two thematic topics:

  1. Textual comparison and content mining
    We collaborate with Dr Liu Cheng-Yun, Institute of History and Philology, to develop a textual comparison system for rare book texts, which used to compare two books by looking at a pair of sentences at a time. Our goal this year is to augment the scope to consider a pair of clusters of sentences or more in hopes of improve efficiency and efficacy of processing historical materials for historians.

  2. Digital typography in developing fonts based on the manuscript of eminent modern scholars
    We have previously built an online platform that converts hand-written characters into stylized fonts. Now we are working with Hu Shih Memorial Hall to produce a font type of Hu Shih based on the manuscripts of one of his books. We are also looking forward to produce a font type of Tan Yankai in collaboration with the Institute of Modern History. Though massive human labor will be involved at the initial stage, we hope to enhance efficient through incorporating artificial intelligence technology and establishing a standard process in the future.

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