Basic information
Project identifier ASCDC-107-12
Conducted by Institute of History and Philology

This project adopts linked open data (LOD) technologies, and takes advantage of open licensing and RDF (Resource Description Framework) links to make abundant resources of digital humanities machine-proccessable and interconnected. Over the years the Institute of History and Philology and Fu Ssu-nien Library have digitized their Chinse rare books, leading up to one of the databases called “A Digital Library of Chinese Rare Books: A Collaborative Digitization Project.” This project will prioritize this dataset by converting its metadata into LOD to enhance the visibility and value of the rare books. This will not only pave the way for value-added promotion of digital archives, but also make significant contributions to the international community of Chinese studies by strengthening the linkage between depositories of rare books.

Fu Ssu-nien Library and the Academia Sinica Center for Digital Cultures (ASCDC) will conduct this project together, with objectives as follows:

  1. Build a LOD model for Chinese rare books and assess the feasibility of adopting the BIBFRAME model for implementation.
  2. Use the LOD model for semantic transformation of the datasets and publishing data under an open license on the Web.
  3. Increase the international visibility of the digital collections, and facilitate re-use of sinology research materials globally on the Web.
  4. This project is hoped to discover the multidimensional values inherent in the archives, and its concerns for sustainability and creativity shall be realized to the advantage of historical inquiries and popularizing the humanities.

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