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  • Speaker: Wu Chyi-in, research fellow at the Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica
  • Host: Lin Fu-shi, research fellow at the Institute of History and Philology and director of the Academia Sinica Center for Digital Cultures
  • Date: 14:00-15:35, Wednesday July 25, 2018
  • Venue: Meeting Hall, 2F, Research Building of the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica, 130 Academia Rd., Sec. 2, Nangang District, 115 Taipei
  • Organized by: Academia Sinica Center for Digital Cultures, Digital Humanities at the Institute of History and Philology
  • Partner: Taiwanese Association of Digital Humanities
  • Abstract
    Today, social network analysis is widely used in fields such as sociology, management science, the humanities and natural sciences, no longer a patent exclusive to sociologists to study the case and effect of human social behavior. However, for a sociologist, “social network” signifies not only an analytic tool and methodology but also a point of view and theoretical footing to look at the world. 
    In the context of social network, agents in a given society act not as isolated individuals, nor as units inserted in the mechanism of the state machine or environmental superstructure; rather, they belong to imbricated communities connected to one and another organically. Social network analysis emphasizes the structure of the interactive systems in which the agent is embedded. Hence, social network analysis enables us to see social phenomena in terms of nodes, dyads and triads through a perspective that moves aptly between the part and the whole.
    This lecture focuses on three aspects of social network analysis supported by a number of research projects: (1) The definition of the boundaries of a network (2) The gathering, measuring and forms of network data (3) Theoretical source and methodology of social network analysis.


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