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Creative Comic Collection (CCC) relaunch issues are officially released at 2018 TiBE
The monthly magazine is to highlight longer series of Taiwanese manga. Seven manga artists to hold a book signing together on February 10


Vol. 1, Relaunch Issue of Creative Comic Collection


CCC is back. The first issue is released at TiBE on February 6 and it will be available in Taiwan after February 9.


The new CCC has turned into a monthly issue from the seasonal issue it used to be. It foregrounds attempts at integrating talents in the Humanities, manga and technology and provides testing grounds for commercially-oriented projects. This issue aims not only to sustain longer series of Taiwanese manga by "filling the narratives to the brim", but also enlarge its scope with coverage dedicated to the latest updates of the manga industry in Taiwan and the world.


This issue offers a number of reports on alternative manga shops and publishers in Taiwan and Japan. Among the shops are: Mangasick in central Taipei and TACO Ché in Tokyo. Special interviews are conducted with Azoth Books (漫遊者文化), Faces Publishing Ltd. (臉譜文化), Dala Publishing (大辣出版), Slowork Publishing (慢工出版) as well as "the Yukata Takenouchi (well-known Japanese actor) of book connoisseurship in Taiwan" Mr Huang Chennan. Huang reveals his one-of-a-kind and colossal collection of books, prints and illustrations and the reader may have a look at the stories preserved among the shelves as well.


Not to be overlooked are the exciting updates of manga strips:

Brand new recommendation

"A Hundred Flowers, A Hundred Colors" Episode 1 by D. S.

How many layers of sexual, social selves are to be put on in order to become an adult? 

From the underworld

"Yamaraja's List" by Yotzu (柚子)

A young lad with visionary powers of perceiving spirits is to face a series of uncanny happenings! 

The Losers' Dream

"Nobody's Song" Episode 6- The Curse of the Artist by ROCKAT

There’s no rule in the ever-changing entertainment firmament. How much does one pay for fame? 

Tea time

"House Hunting in Monga: The First Manufacture Factory"

The Strangers' Travels: A Tale of Tea Trade by Chang Chiya (張季雅)

The booming trade embankment in Manga has hidden forces and gangs. John Dodd and Li Chun-sheng plan to set up a manufacture factory for their oolong tea business, what challenge will they face? 

Therapeutic pages

"Stairs on the Water Surface: Part Two"

Old Objects at Huai House: A Chronicle by AKRU

Published both in Taiwan and Japan! A women trapped with a ghost in her body will or will not be able to find herself again, and get rid of the troubles of life? 


"Recommending New Sensations" (新感覺推薦) is a section that encourages unconventional forms other than narrative-driven works. This issue features "Grass Wind," in which strong, powerful strokes are used to depict the desolation of adult dreams. The author Zheng Yaoqing has participated in the Angoulême International Comics Festival.


CCC originates from the Taiwan e-learning and Digital Archives Program. Since its first launch in 2009 CCC draws on the resources accumulated by the program’s R & D in Taiwanese history, custom and wildlife. The vivid presence of history in the stories has been widely acclaimed. However, CCC ceased to bring forward new issues as the Program came to an end in 2015. It had hitherto published approximately 10,000 copies over 20 issues.


Appeals for its revival soared. In 2017 the Academia Center for Digital Cultures partnered with the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan with a plan to bring CCC back to life. The much-missed testing issue of the relaunched CCC came out in December last year, occupying the No. 5 manga best-seller on


The first volume of the Relaunch Issue is presented at TiBE and it will be available in online and physical bookshops in the country after February 9. At 18:30, February 10,  61Chi, KoKai, ROCKAT, Zuohsuan, Mickyman, Yotzu and Chang Chiya will come to the TiBE venue for a joint book signing event.


New issues of CCC will be released on the twenty-fifth day of every month. Stay tuned!


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Information about the Relaunch Issue of Creative Comic Collection

Producer: Academia Sinica Center for Digital Cultures (ASCDC)

Publisher: Gaea Books

Funded by: the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan (R. O. C)



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