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When the first print of “Walking into Taipei's Past and Present” (臺北歷史地圖散步) published by ASCDC in September 2016, it was widely acclaimed. It paves the way for a new kind of Taipei guidebook in Taiwan by combining history with a self-guided interactive tours app. At the end of August this year, ASCDC further published the English version to allow international city explorers to make the most out of their visit to Taipei.


It is a whole new experience to discover Taipei with this book. While browsing exclusively selected 12 historical maps, as early as 1895, with over 200 historical photographs in this book, city explorers can use the free mobile GIS app called “Taipei Historical Maps” (臺北歷史地圖) that offers Taipei’s past with historical maps overlaid on contemporary Google maps and street scenes by just tapping and sliding on their own mobile devices.


And, what is more, this book has 24 themed articles written by specialists. Each article takes city explorers traveling back in Time, experiencing through different moments in the history of Taipei, telling rare but interesting stories, and showing maps and photographs for having a better understanding of every piece of historical memory. The offered insights into Taipei that intertwined with fascinating history and culture through time surely make every exploring trip a lot more rewarding than before. 




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