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ASCDC’s digital cultures program began in the 1980s, and its remarkable achievements have been contributed by dedicated teams all over Taiwan ever since. ASCDC succeeded to this program in 2013 and continues expanding its digital contents. To this day over 5.6 million digital items and 760 online platforms are available for public access and interdisciplinary research purposes. ASCDC in recent years also engages to promote interdisciplinary digital humanities research by means of facilitating linkages and cooperation between government agencies, academic institutions, and industries. It aims to have hidden perspectives and quality of cultural assets and academic resources to be explored further with innovative descriptions, interpretations, and communication. Ultimately, the goal is to promote the "democratization" and "globalization" of Taiwan.


This presentation will demonstrate our latest developments and achievements. Project teams will be at the venue to meet with our visitors to exchange ideas and thoughts. You are more than welcome to join us!


2017 AS Digital Archives and Digital Humanities Research Projects Exhibition​

  • Date:  October 6, 2017(Friday) 
  • Time: 10:30-16:00
  • Location: B1, Museum of the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica
  • Address: No.128, Sec. 2, Academia Rd., Nangang Dist., Taipei City 11529       
  • Host: Academia Sinica Center for Digital Cultures
  • Participated projects:
    • Academia Sinica Center for Digital Cultures - Main Project (Institute of History and Philology)
    • The Institute of History and Philology's Project to Digitally Innovate Academic Settings (Institute of History and Philology)
    • The Program for Digital Archives of Geographic Information and Development of Spatial Humanities (Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences)
    • Digital Archive of Amis and Yami Oral and Translated Legends (Institute of Ethnology)
    • Digital Archives and Value-added Applications of Modern Chinese Historical Documents on Economic Affairs (Institute of Modern History)
    • Taiwan Historical Archives Digitization & Value-added Project (Institute of Taiwan History)
    • The Production of “Women’s Knowledge” in Modern China: Data Analysis of the Authorship of the Journal Funu Gongming (Institute of Modern History)
    • Taiwan Popular Religion Digital Audio & Video Platform Project (Institute of Taiwan History)
    • Innovative Digital Archive Service using Machine Learning and Social Intelligence (II) (Research Center for Information Technology Innovation)
    • Information Extraction for Ancient Chinese (Institute of Information Science)


“Tracks of Tea Founders” section, which was previously part of “World of Comics: Imaginary or Reality-Creative Comic Collection Interactive Digital Exhibition” at National Taiwan Museum, will be re-installed in this event. Let’s follow tea shop owner Mr. John Dodd to explain the history of Taiwanese tea and its significance in the world trade during 19th century by using the AR technology of Google Tango device.



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