Welcome to the websites to further explore the accomplishments of the program.

Chinese Portal


Taiwan Digitalarchives


This website collects the results from participating institutions in the "Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program". The "Special Collections" section introduces the diverse content of Taiwan’s archives by theme, while the "Catalogues" features millions of collections gathered from archiving institutions nationwide. The "Technology Experience" showcases all kinds of technical application, and sections such as "Education and Learning", "Academic Research" and "Value-Added Application" integrate the resources from the websites of related projects.


Academia Sinica Digital Resources


The website integrates the results of digital projects from various institutes at Academia Sinica, which includes articles, digital resources, creative gallery, exhibitions, technical services, and authorization information. Through this channel, the digital resources of Academia Sinica can be introduced to the academic world and the general public as a whole, which is expected to raise the public’s knowledge and application of the digital archives.


English Portal


Digital Taiwan - Culture & Nature


The multilingual portal of the "Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program" is aimed to present the rich content of Taiwan’s digital archives in multiple languages. Through this website, the users can know more about the important collections in Taiwan, read introductions to the selected collections, or view individual collection images or audio-visual materials. The website also provides educational resources, interactive thematic exhibitions, and so on. Part of the content is available in Japanese and Spanish.