Type, Year Project No. Title PIs Institute
NSC, 2013-2015 NSC102-3113-P-001-005, NSC 103-3113-P-001-004, MOST 104-3113-F-001-004 Union Catalog and Knowledge Engineering for Digital Archives Project Inst. of Information Sceince
TELDAP, 2007-2012 TELDAP-101-01 Technology Development for Digital Archives Research Center for Information Technology Innovation
TELDAP, 2007-2012 TELDAP-101-02 Digital Archives Program of Formosan Aborigines, Phase II Inst. of Ethnology
TELDAP, 2007-2012 TELDAP-101-03 Taiwan Ethnography Video and Audio Archive Inst. of Ethnology
TELDAP, 2007-2012 TELDAP-101-04 Language Archives Inst. of Linguistics
TELDAP, 2007-2012 TELDAP-101-05 Digital Archives of Famous Personages, Diplomatic Records, and Economic Records in Modern China Inst. of Modern History
TELDAP, 2007-2012 TELDAP-101-06 The Map and Remote Sensing Imagery Digital Archive Project Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences
TELDAP, 2007-2012 TELDAP-101-07 The Project of Historical and Cultural Heritages developed in the Institute of History & Philology: (1) Archaeological Data; (2) Rubbings Data; (3) Digital Archives for Rare Books of the Fu Ssu-Nien Library; (4) Digital Archives for Ethnologial Artifacts, Photos and Scripts; (5) The Grand Secretatiat Archives Inst. of History and Philology
TELDAP, 2007-2012 TELDAP-101-08 Digital Archives of Taiwan Fishes Biodiversity Research Center
TELDAP, 2007-2012 TELDAP-101-09 Digital Archives of Malacofauna from Taiwan Biodiversity Research Center
*For information of complete project list since 2002, please refer to the Chinese version.