The Center is headed by a Director and 2-3 Deputy Directors, taken up by research fellows under the appointment of the Academia Sinica President. The Center is comprised of three divisions, "administration and management", "promotion and operation", and "technology and development", with respective missions and duties as follows:


Administration and Management Division
  • Administrative matters such as clerical work, personnel, accounting, and general affairs
  • Project selection, management and assessment
  • Holding annual workshops and exhibitions
  • Holding regular work meetings within Academia Sinica
  • Helping with collaboration between projects and coordination
  • Licensing service
Promotion and Operation Division



  • Content planning and operation of the "Academia Sinica Digital Resources" website
  • Planning of physical and virtual exhibitions
  • Producing digital publications such as websites, e-books or apps
  • Holding educational activities such as guided tours, seminars and workshops
  • Establishing the brand image, and promoting the digital archives of Academia Sinica
  • Issuing e-newsletters, and managing online communities
Technology and Development Division
  • Maintenance and technical development of the "Academia Sinica Digital Resources" platform
  • Development of related information platforms such as licensing platforms and exhibition websites
  • Providing technical service and counseling related to the digital archives and digital humanities research in Academia Sinica
  • Maintenance and Innovation of digital technology