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Founded on June 9 1928 as the foremost academic research institution on Taiwan, Academia Sinica has established 24 research institutes and 7 research centers under three divisions: Mathematics and Physical Sciences, Life Sciences and Humanities and Social Sciences. Academia Sinica also has museums with their own special collections. To share the beauty and richness of the collections, Academia Sinica Museums are now open to the general public and schools free of charge; including Museum of the institute of History and Philology, Museum of Institute of Ethnology, Hu Shih Memorial Hall, Lingnan Fine Arts Museum, Fu Ssu-Nien Memorial Room, Wu Ta-You Memorial Hall, Chien Shih-Liang Memorial Hall, Tsai Yuan-Pei Memorial Hall, Mr. Kuo Ting-Yee Memorial Room, Biodiversity Research Museum, Ecological Pond, and Forest Park of Ecology Research.


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