Since the launch of the Digital Museum Project in 1998, Academia Sinica has consistently dedicated pursued the goal of developing Taiwan’s digital archives, initiating the cross-domain, cross-department "National Digital Archives Program; NDAP" (2002-2007) and the "Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program; TELDAP" (2008-2012). Both of these programs were commissioned by Taiwan’s National Science Council, and presided over by Academia Sinica Vice-President for the Humanities. In addition, Academia Sinica took charge of the operations of Program Office for both of these digital archives projects for eleven years, managing the long-term integration of resources and cross-institutional coordination, helping with the development of digital technology needed for these projects, and maintaining key software and hardware for use by the participating institutions nationwide. Digital archives work at Academia Sinica originally constituted a major division of Taiwan’s digital archives programs at the institutional level, and following the conclusion of the Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program at the end of 2012, Academia Sinica was commissioned by the National Science Council (Now Ministry of Science and Technology) to execute "The Sustainable Management of Taiwan Digital Archives Project" (for a period of three years, beginning in 2013) as an auxiliary exit mechanism for Taiwan’s digital archives projects. In line with these goals, the "Academia Sinica Center for Digital Cultures" was founded on February 1st, 2013. In addition to continually expanding digital content, developing digital technology, promoting research on digital humanities, and maintaining digital cultural achievements, the Center will coordinate with the exit mechanisms of Taiwan’s digital archives projects to ensure the sustainable management of their results.


The Academia Sinica Center for Digital Cultures is responsible for planning and implementing core digital archives projects at Academia Sinica (main project), while also coordinating and managing the work of digital archives expansion and digital technology development done by various institutes and centers at Academia Sinica (sub-projects). The Center also supports and cooperates with the National Science Council’s "The Sustainable Management of Taiwan Digital Archives Project". Academia Sinica’s institutes and centers have been engaged in a long-term endeavor to apply information technology to the archiving of precious cultural heritage, historical documents, archaeological discoveries, biological specimens, and a wide variety of photographic images stored at Academia Sinica, as well as developing related digital information and web technology. These efforts have resulted in the accumulation of over a million digital collections and the construction of nearly one hundred websites and databases, all of which represents immense potential for future development and utilization. Therefore, the Center hopes to fully utilize the value-added application of digital archives content and technology at Academia Sinica in order to achieve the goals of sustainably managing the achievement of Taiwan’s digital archives projects, promote research and development in the digital humanities, cooperate with related international research communities, play a leading role for other archiving institutions in Taiwan, and influence the future growth of Taiwan’s digital technology.



  1. To elevate the accessibility and promotion of digital resources, while also facilitating scholarly research, educational activities, and industrial applications.
  2. To develop innovative digital content processing technology, lead research in the digital humanities, and promote the sustainable development of Taiwan’s digital culture.
  3. To ensure the sustainability of TELDAP content in order to bring about the sharing of digital cultural assets as well as international collaboration and exchange.